Sculptor, born in 1984 in Izmit, Turkey. In 1998 he entered the fine arts college Graphic Design department in Izmit. In 2003 he passed the academic exams and entered the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Sculpture Department, than he moved to Istanbul for his art education.

Following years he focused on metal sculpture and started to develope his own unique sculpting technique in metal sculpture. In the same time he became an assistant of well known Turkish sculptor Prof. Rahmi Aksungur and they worked on public monuments. In 2006-2007 he studied in Italy at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara, those years played a significant role in his professional sculpture career. He combined classical figurative sculpture with abstract metal sculpture with great success. During his education he got three important exhibition awards from the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture / State Exhibition on Sculptures.

In 2009, he graduated from the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Sculpture Department with High Honors and he got one of the most famous art prize in Turkey, Sabanci Foundation Art Awards, 1st Prize. In 2010 he started his Master studies at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Sculpture Department. In 2013, he completed his Master Thesis “Death in Sculpture”.

After completing his art education in 2015 he moved to Warsaw, Poland. Hakan Bakır has been awarded with a creative scholarships by the Poland's Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in 2018 and 2020.
At present, he lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.


2019 Solo Exhibition "Pamiątka z Polski-Lands of Spirit" / JCC Warszawa / Warsaw,Poland
2018 Hakan Bakir Solo Exhibition / Galeria Contrast / Warsaw,Poland
2017 Solo Exhibition "Nokturn" / Foundation Atelier / Warsaw,Poland


(2017) SuperSam / Galeria BWA SOKOL / Nowy Sacz, Poland
(2015) Small Faces, Large Sizes / Project4L / Istanbul, Turkey
(2015) Terrace Exhibitions / Project4L / Istanbul, Turkey
(2012) Myra Anniversary / Myra Galleries / Miami, USA
(2012) Terrace Exhibitions / Project4L / Istanbul, Turkey
(2011) F.A.A.M. / Myra Galleries / Miami, USA
(2011) Artexpo New York / Myra Galleries / New York, USA
(2011) Art Beat Istanbul / Myra Galleries / Istanbul,Turkey
(2010) Borderless Art / Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts / Baku, Azerbaijan
(2010) Transform in International Art Education / Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University/ Istanbul,Turkey
(2009) State Exhibition on Sculptures / Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture / Ankara,Turkey
(2007) Group Exhibition / Accademia di Belle Arti / Carrara,Italy
(2006) State Exhibition on Sculptures / Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture / Ankara,Turkey


(2018) Authority / Private collection / Warsaw,Poland
(2018) The story about the Ashes / Private collection / Warsaw,Poland
(2017) Sound sculpture for "Zatoka Suma - Spectacle" / Warsaw,Poland
(2015) Air / Private collection / Istanbul,Turkey
(2014) The Wolves / Pulver Kimya Head Office / Istanbul,Turkey
(2014) Tomb of Wojtkowski / North Cemetery / Warsaw,Poland
(2013) Metal Works for "Joanna Szalona; Królowa - Spectacle" / Gdynia,Poland
(2012) Prometheus / Private collection / Istanbul,Turkey
(2011) Uniform / Private collection / New York,USA
(2011) Untitled / Private collection / Miami,USA
(2010) Chess / Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art / Istanbul,Turkey
(2010) Transition / International Besiktas Metal Sculpture Symposium / Istanbul,Turkey
(2009) Pan / Karabuk Metal Sculpture Symposium / Karabuk,Turkey
(2009) Rhinoceros / International Istanbul Stone Sculpture Symposium / Istanbul,Turkey
(2008) Centaurs / Prokonnesos Marble Sculpture Symposium / Istanbul,Turkey
(2007) Pandora / Private collection / Istanbul,Turkey
(2007) Orion / Inonu University / Malatya,Turkey
(2007) Centaur / Accademia di Belle Arti / Carrara,Italy
(2007) Cave / Accademia di Belle Arti / Carrara,Italy
(2004) Bust of Akhenaten /ART Shipyard / Istanbul,Turkey


The Wolves Monument / Cieszyn,Poland
Conversation on Metal Sculptures / Warsaw,Poland